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Point Six Wireless, LLC (Point Six) is proud to announce the acquisition of its continuous monitoring business by Mesa Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ:MLAB) (Mesa). Read the full press release or our transition FAQs.

"Working with a larger organization is an exciting opportunity for Point Six, and we're committed to maintaining our customer relationships and providing uninterrupted hardware, software and support services. In other words, Point Six customers are in control of their experience. If you're interested in learning about the extensive knowledge and services provided by Mesa, then let's talk about it," said Dan Piroli, Senior Vice President.

Your technical support will still be conducted by Point Six. And, if your service contract is with a third party, it will remain there. Moving forward, new contracts will be purchased directly from Mesa.

Get to Know Mesa
Mesa is a U.S. based public company headquartered in Colorado with additional domestic and international locations. With over 350 employees, Mesa has a global footprint to serve a broad set of industries that require dependable quality control and calibration solutions.

The Continuous Monitoring division designs, develops and markets environmental monitoring systems. Parameters include temperature, humidity and differential pressure to maintain critical environments in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, blood banks, laboratories, pharmacies and industrial facilities.

For the past 36 years, Mesa has helped companies protect vulnerable environments and ensure the safety and efficacy of the products we use every day.

Point Six Is Steeped in Rich History
For over 22 years, Point Six has been known for its incomparable offering of proprietary and standard wireless sensors featuring both RF and IR technology. The ability to customize application-specific solutions has driven Fortune 500 OEMs and organizations across market sectors to partner with Point Six.

Now, as part of Mesa, Point Six temperature and humidity sensors, dataloggers, people-counting and energy-monitoring sensors help organizations monitor energy usage, optimize operations and maintain regulatory compliance. Wireless sensors can be found in healthcare, hospitality, food service, retail, data center and refrigerated transport applications.

Our Milestones

  • Developed the first commercial, battery-powered and wireless people counter that is currently deployed in thousands of retail locations, including Abercrombie & Fitch stores and Bank of America branches
  • Selected by Honeywell to deploy the then-largest installation of wireless sensors, infrastructure and network products for refrigeration applications for regulatory compliance at Johns Hopkins University Hospital
  • Chosen by Building Automation Products International (BAPI) to deploy its wireless building automation products with over 15,000 current installations for energy management in commercial buildings in North America and Europe
  • Selected by Honeywell to deploy the first installation of ultra-low power WiFi sensors to measure temperature and humidity in operating rooms and pharmacies at Texas Children's Hospital
  • Selected by Bank of America to supply energy conservation measurement devices in over 3,600 branches
  • Selected by Hitachi to develop wireless food probes to assist the food service industry with regulatory compliance and reduce product liability exposure








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